"Back to School" is Osaka JALT's annual spring mini-conference which aims to share ideas on a wide range of topics to help everyone start the new school year on a positive note. 

With long and short presentation slots, poster sessions, and plenty of time to socialize, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make Back to School 2013 a success. In case you missed it, here are some views of what happened

Back to School 2014 mini-conference

Date: Sunday, April 27 (Submissions deadline April 6.)

Time: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Otemae University -Itami campus (between Hankyu Inano Station and JR Inadera Station, about 20 min. from Umeda.)

Admission: JALT members ¥1000 (full time student members and senior members ¥500); One-day members ¥2000 (full time students and seniors over 65 ¥1000). 

Here's the schedule for Back-to-School 2014, which can also be downloaded below or at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgqvjtmm56gzlqv/Back_to_School_2014_Schedule.pdf

This year's 22 presentations (in alphabetical order):

Sugu Althomsons - Ways to effectively use note-taking apps (especially Evernote)

Gordon Carlson - Snooze-busting games and activites for all ages and levels

Lucas Dickerson - Teaching Pragmatics with Comics

Ann Flanagan - A Shared Learning Partnership in the Classroom

Michael Furmanovsky - Getting to Know You

Sean Gay - Choose two, pick one

Hazel Hashinishi - Ways to keep students engaged and motivated

Michael Herke - International Integration and Task-based Learning

Mary Hillis, Lucas Dickerson, Bilunta Carter, and Jade Ivy - Multiple Perspectives from the Writing Center

Michael Hollenback - Contextualizing EFL Lessons: How to foster relevance and immediacy

Harlan Kellem - Critical Reading for Critical Thinking

David Lees - Use of Digital Flashcards For Vocabulary Practice

Matt Lucas - Self-publishing: Customizing materials for learner needs

Laura Markslag and Robert Sheridan - Publish or Perish: A Critical Look at International English Language Teaching Conferences

David Ockert - Self-determination theory-based lessons plans that work

Megumi Ohsumi - Why Not Poetry?: Reading Alexander Pope, William Blake, and Robert Frost

Rob Peacock - Cross-Curricular Learning for Teenage Students in Japan

Rob Peacock - Track Your Students' Success with Online Learning

Oliver Rose - Integrating Online Reading and Game Apps for Vocabulary Development

Martin Salinas - Reinforcing Speech Intonation with Music

Martin Salinas - Storytelling with tempo-controlled background music

Ryan Smithers - Writing with Hyphens


Please print out and post up the fliers below at your schools to help spread the word.

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