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Thank you to everyone!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make Back to School 2013 a success. In case you missed it, here are some views of what happened. 

Back to School 2013

Plenary: This year's plenary speaker, Ms. Yuko Nishiyama, will talk about her experiences since evacuating from Fukushima after the disasters of March 2011.
In addition to our plenary speaker, Yuko Nishiyama, presentations will include:

  • Jason Bartashius - 3/11: The Latest Chapter of the Filipina Migrant Experience in Japan
  • Sylvain Bergeron - Lesson Design Strategy within a Team Teaching Approach
  • Harry Carley - Blogging: The Write Tool?
  • Harry Carley -ALT Opinion: Hi Friends, Eigo Friendly?
  • Gretchen Clark - Braining up vocabulary study (poster)
  • Stephen Dalton - Service Learning: Improving English and Helping the Community
  • Jeanette Dekker - Fun with Reading
  • Susana Galvez - Hedging in Second Language Writing
  • Sean Gay & Michael Iwane-Salovaara - Excel 101: Starting and Expert MS Excel Tips for Teachers
  • Craig Hagerman - Developing Moodle modules
  • James Jenson - Phoneme Acquisition Studies and the EFL Classroom
  • Sayuri Kang - Do you know about Koreans living in Japan?
  • Julia Kimura, Aaron Bucky, & Mary Kawai - Introduction to the General Union (poster)
  • Alison Kitzman - What Students Prefer: Topics for Optimal Motivation
  • Wes Lang - Fun activities for practicing follow-up questions
  • Amy Larson - Basic Characteristics of English Writing
  • Amy Larson - Unlocking the Limits of Children's Songs
  • Arthur Lauritsen - Using the True Stories series in a lesson
  • Matt Lucas & Myles Grogan - Topic selection and writing fluency
  • Stella Maxwell, et al. - The I-Chat Experience: Authentic learning using energizing, targeted and interactive games
  • Steve McCarty - Bilingualism for Language Teachers and Parents in Japan
  • Stuart McLean - Improving ER research: time on task, and accurately measuring reading and comprehension
  • Stuart McLean - Preliminary results from JALT sponsored research investigating Japanese university students' vocabulary size (poster)
  • Stuart McLean, Nicholas Hogg, & Brandon Kramer  - The effectiveness of Word Engine over an academic year
  • Matthew Michaud - Recipe creation and output: Getting more out of the typical food unit (poster)
  • Misuzu Okada - What does "competence" mean?
  • James Rogers - On how to create a paperless class with computer technology
  • Cameron Romney -  Comparing Business English and General English textbooks 
  • Tony Silva - First Impressions, Final Evaluations
  • Lisa Theisen - Simple Speeches for the Start of the Semester
  • Josh Wilson - Build Engagement with Peer Interviews
  • Brian Wojtowicz -  Lesson Activity Ideas and Assessment Procedures: A Reflection
  • A. R. Woollock - Postmodern epistemology and notions of truth in the content classroom

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